Find Freedom From Addiction With Sober Living

We're committed to creating an environment that empowers each resident to seek and maintain mind, body, and spiritual growth



Our Mission

To provide premier, community-living residences for those seeking to continue their journey of recovery, empowering each resident to seek and maintain mind, body and spiritual growth through self-management and personal accountability.


Men's Sober Living

Our men’s sober living home allows residents the opportunity to continue to participate in society while having a safe haven that helps achieve lasting recovery.
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Women's Sober Living

Our women’s recovery residence is a safe and comfortable environment where women have the support needed to develop the skills necessary for maintaining a sober lifestyle.

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Luxury Sober Living

When traditional recovery housing may not be a viable option, our luxury sober living recreates our residential sober living experience in the comfort and safety of your home.

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Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab can be an ideal option for adults who need professional treatment for addiction, but cannot take off due to school or work obligations.

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Florida + Georgia Sober Living

Alex S.

I went to inpatient, residential treatment. Upon exiting, it was suggested that I enter sober living for a myriad of reasons that made sense. I wanted to go to a sober living place where I was taking forward steps instead of backward ones. In doing my research, I found that Creekside Recovery Residences provides flexibility with their patients.

Mark W.

Creekside Recovery Residences is the only sober living residence that I would consider in Atlanta. I'm so grateful I was led to stay over 60 days at Creekside when I needed to get back on track with my recovery. From the moment I arrived at the house, I could feel the compassion, understanding and professionalism all the way from the CEO to my case manager. Creekside is a high-end, first-class home environment with case management flexibility that allowed me to continue my professional career while receiving the support I wanted in my recovery program.

Jen B.

Creekside helped bring our loved one back to us. I don't want to think about what might have happened had he not found Creekside. Creekside gave him the flexibility to maintain his work schedule and the structure to make him successful in his recovery journey. The staff was helpful with meeting with our family as a whole to make the transition from the sober living facility back to home life as seamless as possible.

Our Locations


Sober Living in Tampa

Sober living in Tampa provides modern, luxury housing for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, they can work on learning to manage their mental health.

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Sober Living in Atlanta

Our homes are located in desirable, safe neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia. Each home is clean and comfortable with modern amenities that include smart TVs and Wi-Fi.

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Sober Living in St. Petersburg

Our St. Petersburg sober living homes are located just minutes from St. Petersburg beach, local to 12-step meetings and employment opportunities.

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