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Women's sober living is an ideal place that can help integrate you back into society and set you up for long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Unfortunately, if a woman doesn’t receive adequate support after she completes an addiction treatment program, she may find it difficult or even impossible to maintain her recovery. If she returns to an unhealthy environment where she may be tempted or even encouraged to resume her substance use, these pressures can quickly overwhelm her newly developed relapse prevention skills.

For women who may find themselves in these circumstances after they finish treatment, staying in a women’s sober living house may be the ideal option. Creekside Recovery offers numerous sober living options across the country including in Tampa and Atlanta to help you find sustainable recovery.

What Is a Women’s Sober Living Home Like?

A women’s sober living house is a gender-specific group home for adult women who are recovering from addictions to alcohol and other drugs.

Women’s sober living houses may also be referred to as sober living homes, sober living residences, and halfway houses for women. 

These homes offer safety, structure, and support to help women as they transition out of treatment and prepare to reintegrate into the community. Some houses also accept residents who are still in the process of completing treatment.  

Residents of women’s sober living homes may follow a daily schedule, take part in a variety of recovery support activities, and receive assistance from onsite staff.

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What To Expect in a Women's Sober Living Home

Every sober living home for women has its own services, rules, and policies. Understanding what will be expected of you at each home is an important part of finding the sober living environment that is right for you.

Here are a few common examples of what happens in our women’s sober living home:

Benefits of Sober Living for Women

The following are just a few examples of the many potential benefits of living in a women’s sober living residence:

Safety & Security

Ensuring the safety of staff and residents will be the top priority of any quality sober living home for women. When you know you’re not in danger, you can focus your full attention on maintaining your recovery and building a brighter future for yourself. Recovery takes constant vigilance and continued effort. Your sober living house should always be a safe place where you feel protected and supported.

Substance-Free Environment

Yes, this is an obvious feature of a sober living house. It is also a significant benefit that deserves to be emphasized. Learning to navigate a world where alcohol and other drugs are prevalent is an important part of recovery. But when you’re just beginning your journey, being in a substance-free environment among others who are not using substances can be a tremendous benefit.

Gender-Specific Services

During your time in a sober living home for women, you may receive outpatient rehab services and take part in activities that were specifically designed for women in recovery. During groups, you will be with other women who understand what you’ve endured and who can provide meaningful support that reflects your specific experiences. This can help you address sensitive topics or process emotional responses that you might be hesitant or unwilling to bring up in a mixed-gender setting.

Responsibility & Accountability

To remain in a sober living home for women, you will need to follow certain rules and policies. In addition to providing structure to your daily life, these rules and policies also offer you the opportunity to take responsibility for your actions and hold yourself accountable. Setbacks and failures are unavoidable parts of life. But when you respond to these challenges with responsibility and accountability, you can get through difficult times without resorting to substance abuse or other self-defeating behaviors.

Connections & Community

Addiction can often be a source of shame, guilt, and isolation. At a sober living house for women, you can form meaningful relationships with others who understand what you’ve had to overcome and who won’t judge you for mistakes you’ve made in the past. Your healthy interactions with other residents can demonstrate the power of shared support and the importance of community.

How to Choose a Women’s Sober Living

If you’ve been researching women’s sober living options near you, you may have already discovered how different one home can be from the next. It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a single perfect way to support women in recovery. What might be an ideal situation for you could be less beneficial for someone else.

As you evaluate your options, focus on finding the place that feels like the best fit for you. When you contact houses that you are considering, here are some important questions to ask:

The representatives of Creekside Recovery should have no problem answering these or any other questions and are always happy to assist in finding the best option that fits your needs.

Full Sober Living Programming

By providing numerous outpatient rehab opportunities, Creekside Recovery employs a staff of individuals that help women realize their strengths and ambitions. Addiction is complex, and getting sober shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Our women’s sober living is an inclusive and loving space where all are welcome to find their paths. From holistic therapies to yoga, to nutritional services, our outpatient drug rehab services intertwined with our sober living is equipped for holistic self-improvement. 

Our beautiful homes are in some of the most sought-after cities. Clients can enjoy trips to St. Petersburg Beach, Downtown Atlanta, day trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and more. At Creekside, our sisterhood of women welcomes new clients with open arms and are encouraged to live a full and joyful life in sobriety.

Find a Women’s Sober Living Home Near You


Creekside Recovery Residences is a trusted source of quality support for women who are recovering from addictions to alcohol and other drugs. Our comfortable sober living homes in exclusive neighborhoods are ideal places for women to establish a solid foothold in early recovery. To help women throughout the United States, we have two sober houses spread throughout the country. Each home offers unique amenities that help meet the needs of recovering women. Learn more about our admissions process today.