Addiction Recovery Coaching



One of the worst parts of addiction is the feeling of being alone. Even when someone feels ready to get help, they often don’t know where to turn or who can help them navigate the challenging new world of recovery. We understand this concern, which is why we offer addiction recovery coaching as part of your options at Creekside Recovery Residences.

Coaching allows you to have someone to go to with questions and concerns who can also be your cheerleader. Working together can increase your ability to stay sober not just now, but for a lifetime.

What Is Addiction Recovery Coaching?

Addiction recovery coaching takes a person outside just the care they receive face-to-face while in a treatment program. Adding a coach provides an extra layer of treatment and someone who can walk beside them through their recovery process. 

Once someone leaves a treatment program and moves into a sober living home, they may not have a huge support system in place. A recovery coach becomes an important resource who can provide support and advice that helps keep the person on the path of sobriety. The person receiving the coaching turns to their coach in a variety of ways in order to make sure they continue to avoid relapse and achieve healthy goals as they move forward.

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What To Expect During an Addiction Recovery Coaching Session

People who use addiction recovery coaching can expect a lot of progress to be made as a result of using it. Sessions are 30 to 90 minutes in length and take place in person, although virtual appointments can be arranged. In between sessions, check-ins to provide accountability via the phone are available. 

A recovery coach can provide more than just help and advice specific to addition-related topics. They can help a person decide on goals for things like a career or going to school. The coach can help them create a To-Do List for accomplishing these types of goals and make sure they move through the list in a timely manner. The coach can also help a person with practical things like making plans for transportation to things like therapy and medical appointments, as well as support group meetings. 

An addiction recovery coach can also check in with a person about their mental health. Because so many people who deal with addiction also have at least one diagnosable mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, this can prove quite valuable. The coach can make sure the individual is tending to any appointments they have or medications they take to manage and improve their mental health.

Benefits of Addiction Recovery Coaching

When someone receives addiction recovery coaching, it comes with several benefits. These benefits help both in terms of maintaining the current status of recovery and preventing relapse in the future. Benefits include:

A recent study showed that peer coaching can provide a great deal of help for those in recovery from addiction. Someone trained to provide this kind of coaching can prove vital for a wide variety of populations.

Who Is Appropriate For Addiction Recovery Coaching?

Addiction recovery coaching can help anyone who has entered recovery for addiction to drugs or alcohol. The person must be willing to make and receive contact with their coach in order to reap the full benefits of the program. Access to the preferred methods of contact, such as in person, texting, telephone, internet chat programs, or other internet connections is required. 

Coaching can help someone who has just left a detox program and needs help getting through the first stages of sobriety. It can also help people further along in the recovery process. This includes those who have banked anything from a few weeks to several months of being sober.

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How Long Does Recovery Coaching Last?

How long recovery coaching lasts depends on the individual, their needs, and the progress they make. Some people use recovery coaching just while in treatment with us. Others may benefit from continuing to use it after treatment ends. For some people, spending just one month with coaching services helps put them where they need to be in terms of taking the reins of their recovery. For others, staying with their coach for a year or longer can be the best approach. The coach will work with each person to determine the right timeline for them.

Addiction Recovery Coaching at Creekside Recovery

Do you want to get help for your addiction but don’t want to feel like you’re doing everyone on your own? If so, Creekside Recovery can give you the boost of support you need. Our beautiful, gender-specific sober living homes give you a safe place to live while you work on your sobriety. We also offer addiction recovery coaching that gives you the insight and ideas that can only come from someone trained to understand addiction to drugs and alcohol and how to overcome it.

Please visit our admissions page today and see what we have to offer to help you get excited about living life sober. The coaching we offer can help you cross the finish line with your recovery goals.