Sober Living for Mental Health

Sober living for mental health can give someone an advantage that can make a real difference. Sober living homes bring together people with a variety of mental health disorders who attend treatment sessions during the day. Then, they return to the safe and peaceful environment of the home. Peer support of the kind found in the homes can offer a real sanctuary and elevate people to make tremendous progress.



What is Sober Living for Mental Health?

Sober living for mental health is a formal program that provides housing for someone who is in treatment for a mental health disorder. They may also have a substance use disorder. The presence of both a mental illness and an addiction to drugs or alcohol is called a dual diagnosis. Many sober living homes provide a place to live for those who deal with just addiction, just mental illness, or a combination of both conditions. The person has access to different types of therapy modalities that help them learn to manage their mental health. They attend these sessions during the day, or outpatient rehab and return to their sober living home at night.


What to Expect at our Sober Living for Mental Health

Our sober living for mental health program starts with an assessment so we understand each person’s needs and treatment goals. We match the person with the different types of therapy that will most benefit them. They can attend sessions as required throughout the week. Nights and weekends provide free time and the ability to socialize with other residents or take some time to themselves. 

In addition, we provide case management, which allows each resident to work one-on-one with a case manager. Case managers help connect each person with the vital resources they need including outside appointments, help with employment, schooling, and more. They also help keep each person focused and moving forward in their recovery and goals.

We also offer an option for medication management. Many people working on improving their mental health benefit from using some kind of prescription medication if appropriate. Medication management helps them understand their needs and stay on top of their use of meds. Finally, we offer options for sober companions and recovery coaching.

Our Locations

Creekside Recovery Residences offers sober living for mental health in multiple locations, making it convenient for people to choose where they would like to receive treatment. Each location is set in a thriving, vibrant city. Two cities offer beach locations, while the other is a bustling jewel city of the South. Our beautiful homes offer a sanctuary for safe living in the following cities:

Sober Living in Tampa

Sober living in Tampa provides modern, luxury housing for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, they can work on learning to manage their mental health.

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Sober Living in Atlanta

Our homes are located in desirable, safe neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia. Each home is clean and comfortable with modern amenities that include smart TVs and Wi-Fi.

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Sober Living in St. Petersburg

Our St. Petersburg sober living homes are located just minutes from St. Petersburg beach, local to 12-step meetings and employment opportunities.

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Signs and Symptoms of a Dual Diagnosis Disorder

When someone has a dual diagnosis disorder, they may not be aware of what’s happening. Most commonly, a person abuses alcohol or drugs as a way to self-medicate to relieve symptoms of a mental health disorder. For example, if they feel depressed or anxious, they may drink or use drugs in order to soothe or hide these symptoms. If the individual often experiences symptoms, they often prove more likely to turn to substance abuse. 


Additionally, signs may include hiding substance use and/or the presence of a mental health disorder from loved ones. The person may start to perform poorly at work or in school or find that their personal relationships have started to suffer. As well, the person may try to stop or cut back on their drinking or drug use and find they cannot do so on their own. Withdrawal symptoms may occur, making it quite possible they can benefit from sober living for mental health and addiction at the same time.


Mental Health Conditions We Treat

As part of life, people can find that they develop a mental health disorder. Several types exist, and we provide access to treatment for a variety of them. The types of mental health conditions we treat include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Dual diagnosis

Benefits of Sober Living for Mental Health

Many people who choose to work on their mental health find it easier to do away from their homes. They may live in an unstable home environment and need a break. In addition, they may be near people who tend to trigger mental health disorder symptoms, such as anxiety, moodiness, and symptoms of trauma. Going to a sober living home for mental health can provide a neutral setting free of the usual distractions from life. 


This combination of getting focused care for a person’s mental health and having a home free of distractions can be a powerful combination. It helps people graduate from treatment with improved skills for managing their mental health. 


The peer support that comes with living with others on a similar path to healing proves beneficial, too. Residents bring common experiences and emotions to the table, making it easy to relate to each other. They can build bonds with each other and offer and receive valuable support.


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Find Sober Living for Mental Health Today!

Do you want to work on improving your mental health but feel you would do well to change up your living environment for a while, too? Creekside Recovery Residences offers options for those looking for the serenity of a comfortable home environment. You can live among peers also working on themselves and their mental health. Living in sober living homes provides the option to access vital therapy sessions during the day outside the house. Partnering one of our homes with professional treatment outside of it helps people learn to manage their mental health disorders in a whole new way. Would you like more information about sober living for mental health? Visit our admissions page now and see how easy it is to get started on living healthy again.