“I’m so grateful…” Creekside Recovery Residences is the only sober living residence that I would consider in Atlanta. I'm so grateful I was led to stay over 60 days at Creekside when I needed to get back on track with my recovery. From the moment I arrived at the house, I could feel the compassion, understanding and professionalism all the way from the CEO to my case manager. Creekside is a high-end, first-class home environment with case management flexibility that allowed me to continue my professional career while receiving the support I wanted in my recovery program. This was not only an amazing experience for me, but the support and care that Creekside provided my wife was invaluable.

Mark W

“They do a great job of working with you immediately…” I went to inpatient, residential treatment. Upon exiting, it was suggested that I enter sober living for a myriad of reasons that made sense. I wanted to go to a sober living place where I was taking forward steps instead of backward ones. In doing my research, I found that Creekside Recovery Residences provides flexibility with their patients. They do a great job of working with you immediately on legitimate needs, such as structuring your program of choice, ability to continue any career/work and allowing you the freedom to work relationships with loved ones.

Alex S

Creekside Recovery Residences was the perfect landing spot for me upon my return from in-patient treatment. I found the stability and support I needed to reintegrate into my day-to-day life. I am fortunate to be a part of the community they are building in Atlanta and I continue to utilize their case management services because of the professionalism and quality of care they provide.

Morgan N

The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and cared for. Creekside Recovery Residences was everything I needed when it mattered the most and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

Taylor C

“This was the turning point in her recovery…” After our daughter finished an alcohol recovery program, she slid back into her life in the same town and therefore around some of the same people. After many trying months, she re-entered the recovery program for a refresher. This time, instead of returning to her previous bad situation after the program, she chose to enter Creekside Recovery Residences. I believe this was the turning point in her recovery. The support of the Creekside staff and the other members of the sober living community there has been invaluable. She has been held accountable by the staff while at the same time learned how to keep herself accountable. Adding Creekside as a step between the recovery program and independent life was a tremendous help with what can be a difficult transition for anyone. Learning a new way of living a good life with a great support system that Creekside provided was instrumental in her success.

Cindy S

“Creekside was honest and forthcoming..” Creekside Recovery Residences has truly been lifesaving and life-giving. Creekside provided a sober living residence for my son when he finished his 30-day alcohol and drug treatment program. The staff showed love and concern from the very beginning, visiting with us the first night our son returned home from treatment to talk with him, introduce him to the program and provide words of encouragement for sober living and all that Creekside had to offer. Creekside was honest and forthright about what was expected in terms of accountability and living in a sober living community. The staff kept me updated on my son’s progress on a regular basis, which brought me great comfort and peace during the recovery process. My son continues to be a part of the Creekside community on an outpatient basis, which has been helpful to him in maintaining his sobriety and learning how to live in the real world while embracing his recovery journey. I will forever be grateful to those at Creekside who have walked alongside my son and our family during this challenging time in our lives.

Laura S

“This was where we belonged…” When our daughter finished her formal in-patient addiction treatment regimen in another state, Covid was flaring across the nation, interrupting the post-treatment plan that had been in place for her to remain within the program on an outpatient basis. Faced with the crisis of what to do, we reached out to our local support network and were directed to check out the Creekside program here in Atlanta. From the initial contact, I was immediately comfortable in knowing that this was where we belonged and never looked back. The setting and support system is second to none and the professionalism we experienced provided the bridge to transition from full-time treatment to a fully functional outpatient and member of the local recovery community. Creekside offers a beginning-to-end program built around the individual’s needs with a safe haven setting and full clinical support. While it’s not the only local program, I recommend it to anyone looking for a family-centric approach with a great reputation.

Jerry C

“Creekside helped bring our loved one back to us..” Creekside helped bring our loved one back to us. I don't want to think about what might have happened had he not found Creekside. Creekside gave him the flexibility to maintain his work schedule and the structure to make him successful in his recovery journey. The staff was helpful with meeting with our family as a whole to make the transition from the sober living facility back to home life as seamless as possible. My husband continues to be active with the Creekside community. l think serving as a leader in the community helps him to stay focused on his recovery and lets newer members of the sober living community know that if he could become sober then they can, too.

Jen B

“I am forever thankful for the skills I developed at Creekside..” Creekside gave me the opportunity to maintain a high profile job while also having accountability measures in place to keep me on track. The community is an incredible group of motivated and hardworking individuals and the staff shows so much compassion for the work they do. I am forever thankful for the skills I developed at Creekside and the confidence my experience instilled in me to remain sober for the rest of my life.

Elizabeth E

“My experience with Creekside was invaluable..” My experience with Creekside was invaluable to my recovery and return to life outside of sober living. The residence is comfortable, the programs insightful and the staff very helpful. I was provided the accountability I needed in recovery. I would recommend Creekside to anyone who wants a step after rehab to better integrate into treatment and recovery.

Michael H

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