What is a Collegiate Recovery Program? College Students & Addiction



Every young person heads to college with a dream of learning and beginning a path to an exciting career. For some, drug and alcohol abuse becomes a temptation that derails their plans. When this happens, it can be easy to just drop out of school because alternative plans don’t seem obvious. In this modern era, collegiate recovery programs can provide the support system needed to keep students focused on their dreams while getting the support for sobriety they need. Creekside Recovery Residences provides beautiful, cozy sober living homes in popular areas near colleges. Combining the safe space we offer with the support of their school sets up students in recovery so they can get back on track quickly.

College Students & Addiction

When young adults head off to college, they begin to discover who they are by taking classes and preparing for an exciting career. They also start to assimilate into a social life independent of parental influence that often puts a spotlight on drinking and using drugs. Many young people do not understand how quickly substance use can become dangerous or when they are in trouble. A 2020 report showed that 4.9 million people in the U.S. aged 18 to 25 qualify as having at least one illicit drug use disorder. Many of them are currently in college or had to drop out due to their addiction. 

Campus party life can quickly spiral out of control, leaving students in need of professional support systems. This makes having organized groups that help support recovery available on a wide variety of campuses important. There are currently 152 collegiate recovery programs in place that help students sustain their recovery while still attending school.

How Do Collegiate Recovery Programs Work?

Many colleges limit themselves to offering only off-campus support ideas. Collegiate recovery programs are designed to work with students on the campus itself. While not every program is the same, some of the common offerings provided to students on-campus include the following:

When a student realizes they have crossed the line into developing a substance use disorder, they may have to leave school to deal with it. Collegiate recovery programs help students get the help they need without having to take a break from their education. For those who do need to take a semester or two off, these types of programs help bolster their chances of staying sober when they return to school. In either case, the people who take advantage of the program receive peer support and professional support and have options for resisting the urge to relapse.

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Challenges of Going to School While in Recovery

Going to college can cause a person to undergo a lot of stressors that make turning to using drugs and alcohol tempting. These stressors include:

What Are the Options For Addiction Treatment?

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the first step in treatment is going to detox. This helps the person get through the challenging first few days of living without substances. After that, people either transition into a residential program or an outpatient program. For many, finding a healthy home to live in while attending outpatient care can be a challenge. 

College students often want to be able to continue going to addiction treatment without having to stop going to school. For many of them, moving into a sober living home can be the answer. Many sober living homes are located in popular areas near universities and feature modern furnishings in a cozy setting. Staying in a sober living home ensures the student is surrounded by like-minded individuals also living the sober life. This provides a healthier home environment than living on campus or in other situations that expose the young person to easily available alcohol and drugs. 

While a student lives in a sober living home, they attend therapy sessions designed to treat addiction. They also have time to go to classes and continue their education. When this is coupled with the benefits of a collegiate recovery program, it sets the individual up for success both in staying sober and going on to graduate from school.

Find Safe Housing For College Students in Recovery Today

Are you a college student who wants to start living a sober life or are you the parent of someone who fits this bill? College administrators and students are gathering in efforts to help those struggling with substance use disorders not end up abandoning their college careers. Creekside Recovery Residences provides safe, affordable housing for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We offer access to valuable therapy that helps people address their disease and build a brighter future. When someone combines our services with a collegiate recovery program, it forms a union that supports young people in a multitude of ways.

If you would like more information on helping your loved one stay sober and achieve their college goals, visit our admissions page now.