About Our Sober Living In Georgia + Florida

Luxury Sober Living In Georgia + Florida

Creekside Recovery Residences is committed to creating an environment that empowers each resident to seek and maintain mind, body and spiritual growth through self-management. Created specifically for professionals and family members of professionals, our well-appointed homes are private residences located in desirable neighborhoods and close to many amenities. Located in desirable Atlanta, Georgia, our sober living homes are designed for professionals and family members of professionals who are on their journey of recovery.

We accept individuals who have recently completed or are currently enrolled in a treatment recovery program for alcohol addiction, substance abuse or any other type of addiction/behavioral health issue and who are ready to continue their journey of recovery. Creekside Recovery Residences provides a safe and comfortable environment along with a range of resources and professional support to help residents achieve a lasting recovery. Our community-living homes provide the structure and accountability critical for developing the skills needed to successfully maintain a sober lifestyle. Through a master-degree level care manager, we provide case management and assist residents in navigating individualized recovery plans to meet their goals.

For men and women coming out of a treatment program and seeking to rebuild their lives, Creekside Recovery Residences provides a unique setting and extensive connections to the Atlanta recovery community.

Upscale Private Sober Living Residences in Georgia + Florida

Outpatient Rehab Programming

We offer outpatient rehab in Atlanta and Florida from a team of masters-level care managers who develops individualized, client-driven recovery plans that are measurable, attainable, and make sense for each resident. Our programming includes strategies for managing the stress of re-entering family and professional lives when transitioning from the sober living environment. We help each resident identify and prevent anxiety triggers that may cause a relapse and offer ongoing care management for beyond the residence.

Structure and Accountability ​

Creekside Recovery Residences has access to a comprehensive range of resources that aid residents in their unique recovery plans. We do not accept payments from treatment programs, therapists or individuals, allowing us to offer clinically driven and ethical recommendations. To provide the structure and accountability needed for a successful recovery, the following are integral parts of our program:

For Families

Getting help affects not only the individual but also their family members; therefore, it makes sense that the recovery process includes the individual as well as their family members. At Creekside Recovery Residences, we offer resources and opportunities for the family to be involved, engaged and a part of the recovery process.