Benefits of Sober Living in Georgia

When someone with a substance use disorder thinks about getting help, they often think of clinical settings like detox or a rehab facility. What they often overlook is how much a sober living in Georgia can help them embrace life without alcohol or drugs. When people with the same recovery goals share a living space, they can accomplish many things. This is made easier when the sober living homes are modern and luxurious. This is why so many people choose this route to help them stay sober for life. 

What Is Sober Living in Georgia?

Often, people think of sober living just in terms of stereotypes seen in movies and television. They confuse it with halfway houses that often provide only the bare essentials in an unwelcoming environment. Our sober living in Georgia offers so much more than that. Sober living homes provide a safe place for people in recovery to live. Everyone is expected to remain sober. Drug and blood alcohol testing are typically provided to ensure everyone stays on the path to sobriety.

Sober living houses provide a home base for people needing a safe place to temporarily call home. Residents live together in pursuit of common goals to heal themselves. They are usually required to participate in some level of outpatient rehab. This can include regular outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. Other programs focus on topics like family therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and trauma-focused therapy.

The combination of receiving outpatient addiction treatment while living safely among others also in pursuit of getting well provides a powerful way to not just live sober but thrive in that life.

What to Expect From Sober Living Georgia

Some sober living homes provide just the bare essentials. Staying in one might provide some help for addiction but the home itself may not feel welcoming. Creekside believes someone taking advantage of sober living in Georgia should have a beautiful, invigorating home to reside in. With that in mind, we offer the following amenities:

  • Homes in upscale, popular Atlanta neighborhoods
  • Modern homes decorated by professionals that feel inviting
  • A private bedroom with a smart TV for each resident
  • Some bedrooms come with an en suite bathroom
  • Internet and wifi throughout the house
  • Located near restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues
  • Bi-weekly housekeeping

Along with the comforts of a beautiful home and area of the city, we offer even more. Each house has a master’s degree level care manager who assists residents. They help each person get comfortable in the home and determine their recovery goals. Each resident will have several options for outpatient treatment that help them understand their addiction and learn not to relapse. 

The Benefits of Sober Living in Georgia

Attending our sober living in Georgia means taking advantage of several benefits. Each one is designed to provide an effective treatment program that equips all of the residents with what they need to thrive in recovery. 

Some of the benefits include:

Receiving Peer Support: When people who share similar experiences come together in pursuit of a common goal, powerful progress can be made. Residents in sober living all have become sober and plan on staying that way. They understand each other’s emotions and experiences like no one else can. Together, they can provide support and inspire each other to leave their addictions in the dust. 

Gender-Specific Houses: This type of sober living means that each residence houses people of just one gender. People often find a deeper level of comfort when they are surrounded by their own gender. This makes them lean into recovery and make progress more quickly. Additionally, statistics show that gender-specific homes result in less temptation for people to become distracted by romantic or sexual relationships with other residents. 

Outpatient Treatment Options: Sober living homes are about more than just a house. Residents complement their living experience by taking advantage of some of the outpatient options available to them outside the home. This can include individual therapy, group therapy, holistic therapy, and 12-step focused support groups. 

Luxury Amenities: Just because someone is away from their home doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel equally comfortable. Luxury amenities such as professionally decorated homes in upscale neighborhoods help people feel taken care of and able to relax. Wifi and streaming entertainment options help a person feel at home and offer distractions from the hard work they accomplish each day.

Is Sober Living Right For You?

If someone has put sober living on the table as an option to consider, they may wonder what makes them a good candidate. Sober living may be right for people who:

  • Have recently completed detox or residential treatment
  • Have completed outpatient treatment but still need support
  • Are in or will soon be in outpatient treatment
  • Experienced a relapse and are back in recovery
  • Do not currently have a stable home environment in which to live
  • Want to have a flexible plan for getting treatment but still have downtime in a homelike environment
  • Deal with a mental health condition alongside addiction to drugs or alcohol.Our sober living admissions teams can help a person decide if this type of care is right for them. An assessment of their situation and treatment goals will determine what their next step should be. 

Find Sober Living in Georgia

Sober living homes offer a special way for someone in recovery from drugs or alcohol to work on healing themselves. Creekside provides sober living in Georgia which makes a difference. Our gender-specific sober living homes offer a luxurious setting for you to focus on sobriety. Access to outpatient options for treatment means this type of care covers a lot of bases. Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have about starting a healthy new life.

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