Executive Sober Living: How It Works

Have you decided it’s time to get help for your addiction to alcohol or drugs? If so, a sober living home may be the best fit for what you need. Our executive sober living homes offer treatment while you reside in upscale neighborhoods. Additionally, we provide gender-specific homes. You receive outpatient care that helps you build a strong recovery. Then, you can return home ready to hit the reset button on your life and enjoy lifelong recovery. 

What Happens in Executive Sober Living 

Our sober living homes provide a flexible level of care for those who don’t need 24/7 care but aren’t ready to end treatment. Our guests take part in treatment three or more days per week. The sessions can last either part of the day or the entire day, depending on the person’s needs. Which services each person needs can also fluctuate, depending on their changing needs and the progress they make. 

Treatment includes several types of therapy that prove beneficial for the treatment of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Additionally, they help people learn to manage any accompanying mental health conditions. Types of services include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy

When a person isn’t attending treatment, they have different ways to fill their free time. We encourage them to establish schedules; thus, they can work, attend school, and partake in volunteer work. The combination of treatment and putting together a schedule, including social events, helps prepare each person for a healthy, sober life when they leave us. 

Who Qualifies for Executive Sober Living?

Executive sober living homes help people from different walks of life and places in recovery. Our homes help those who have recently completed a type of treatment. This can include a detox stay, residential, or outpatient care. All we ask is the person is committed to staying sober and actively working on their sobriety. We treat those who are working on recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Additionally, we treat mental illness conditions such as depression, trauma, and anxiety. 

Another thing to consider about if executive sober living is right for someone is the details of their current living situation. Someone who leaves formal treatment may not have a safe home waiting for them. By this, we mean they may have an unstable housing situation or live with someone who has their own substance use disorder. Going home too soon can set someone up to relapse quickly. Taking the time to live in a sober living house can help them build a strong foundation in recovery. Additionally, it provides them time to plan for the right living situation for their return home. 

How Long Does Executive Sober Living Last?

How long a person stays in a sober living home depends on a few factors. The first is the person’s history with addiction, including how long they have struggled with it. The type and number of substances they used are also a consideration. If they need mental health services can also influence the length of their stay. 

Another factor has to do with the progress each person makes. For some, a stay of just a couple of months can lend itself to great progress. For others, staying in executive sober living for several months or a year works better. The house case manager works with each individual to determine what length of time works best for their needs.

The Advantages of Gender-Specific Homes

In previous generations, many sober living homes were co-ed. Men and women lived together and shared their lives and recovery. A more modern approach offers the alternative of staying in gender-specific homes. There are several advantages to this approach, including:

Less Temptation to Engage in Personal Relationships

One of the tenets of staying in a strong early recovery involves not starting a new romantic or sexual relationship. Gender-specific homes help reduce that temptation. This allows guests to keep their focus on recovery and healing.

Ability to Just Be Yourself

Often, men and women feel pressured to pay strict attention to their physical appearance when around each other. Women experience societal pressure to wear makeup, do their hair, and wear dressy or attractive clothing when in the presence of men. Alternatively, many men may feel the need to always look camera-ready in order to impress women. Gender-specific executive sober living homes eliminate this pressure. 

Ability to Open Up Emotionally

Another social pressure involves the one which coaches men to hold in their emotions. As a result, they often find it hard to open up, especially around women. Male-only camaraderie allows a bigger opportunity for men to be honest about their emotions, fears, and past experiences. For women, a gender-specific home can mean important female bonding, which results in an easier time opening up and speaking honestly. 

The Safety Factor

A lot of people can point to past or ongoing physical, sexual, or emotional abuse as a major contributor to their developing a substance use disorder. Women, in particular, find that living in a gender-specific home promotes a sense of safety they need. This proves especially true if the abuse they endured came at the hands of a male.  

Executive Sober Living in Atlanta

When it’s time to seek help for addiction, it may involve leaving home temporarily. Creekside understands that everyone wants to feel at home wherever they are. Because of this, we created executive sober living homes that provide comfort and style. We treat everyone like guests and surround them with the luxury and compassion they deserve. Contact Creekside in Atlanta today and we can answer all your questions. A sober life is just around the corner for you.

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