How Does Sober Living Work?

Sober living programs are designed to help individuals struggling with addiction transition from treatment back into independent living. Sober livings encourage long term recovery by offering continued structure and support to residentents as they begin to establish their lives. Today, we answer the questions: how does sober living work, and how do sober living homes help.

How Does Sober Living Work?

Before entering sober transitional living it is important to understand how sober living works. High quality sober living homes offer supervision and structure, mental health treatment, while also supporting independence. At most sober living facilities there are normally some basic and essential rules to keep to ensure the programs safety and effectiveness. 

  • Clients must have detoxed from alcohol and/or drugs prior to entering the program.
  • Residents are assigned household duties and are expected to complete them weekly.
  • Clients are expected to attend all required house meetings.
  • General house rules such as abstinence from substances and curfews are expected to be followed.
  • There is normally a step down process in which residence have less restrictions the longer they stay.
  • The recommendation is normally at least a 90-day commitment.

The Benefits of Sober Living 

Sober living houses and halfway houses offer a multitude of benefits to those seeking long-term recovery. Sober living services go beyond drug and alcohol addiction. They carry over into the residents daily schedule to help implement positive habits that they can continue using long after they move on to fully independent living. Different than an outpatient treatment program, sober living houses provide a drug free living environment alongside inpatient treatment. A halfway house is normally more affordable, which helps individuals save money and take time to establish themselves back into work. Sober living can also help refer clients to jobs, therapeutic services, AA/NA meetings, and other community support. Potentially two of the most important aspects of sober living is guaranteed medical stability and the fellowship of other recovering individuals. The clients have the ability to use each other as supports, encouraging positive outcomes, while tackling the difficult journey of early recovery. 

How To Choose A Sober Living

Choosing the right sober living for you or your loved one can be a very difficult process. There are many sober livings out there, and some are better than others. Here are some important things to look out for when picking the best sober living for you:

  • Services that are offered: It is important to take note of the services that are offered at the sober living. Are there therapeutic services available? Accommodations for medical needs? These questions are important to consider.
  • Certifications: There are certifications from sober living coalitions and networks such as CARF and NARR. The sober living that you decide to go to should have at least one of these certifications.
  • The structure of the program: Sober livings should offer adequate structure for residents. There should be curfews, drug testing, meetings, and a form of supervision for clients. 
  • Specialized programs: If you are seeking a particular type of sober living, or are part of a particularly vulnerable population, then it is important to look for a sober living that offers specialized programs that can adequately help you. 
  • Size of the program: It is important to consider the size of the program depending on your particular needs.

Is Sober Living Right For You?

If you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction, then sober living can be a great way to help support you through the recovery process. It can be difficult to decide to voluntarily reside somewhere that has rules, such as meetings and curfews, but it is also important to remember that sober living is a temporary step that can help lead to long-term recovery. Sober livings offer the structure and support needed to implement healthy habits while in early recovery. 

Although sober livings are a great option, they are also not the right choice for everyone. Some individuals require a higher level of care, such as detox or residential treatment, before they can transition effectively to a sober home. Once the necessary treatment has been completed it is strongly encouraged that individuals strongly consider going to a sober living. Living in a sober living can help aid the recovery process and set you on the right path to continue moving forward in your recovery journey. 

Sober Living Programs In Atlanta

Creekside Recovery Residences offers safe and welcoming sober living in Atlanta, Georgia. At Creekside we offer a luxury and structured sober living. If you are ready to take the next steps down your path of recovery then contact Creekside Recovery Residences.

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