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How to Find A Local Sober Living Home

When you have completed an addiction treatment program via a residential program, an intensive outpatient program, or any other level of care, it does not mean that your work is done. Learning how to live sober is a lifelong process and it can take a great deal of effort. Luckily, as time passes, navigating sobriety becomes easier. In the meantime, however, you might still feel like you need that extra helping hand of support prior to fully immersing yourself back into your daily life. A living environment that is chaotic, contains drugs and alcohol, and is unstable will not be suitable for an individual who is just learning how to navigate life sober. If this is the case, you may want to consider how local sober living homes can benefit you.

It is important to know what to look for in a local sober living home before deciding which one is right for you. Here at Creekside Recovery Residences we have put together a guide on what to look for in a local sober living home in order to help make the process of finding housing after treatment as easy as possible for you or your loved one.

What is a Local Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes bridge the gap between the end of a treatment program and independent living. Sober livings offer drug and alcohol-free housing in order to provide a stable, safe, and supportive to those who are in early recovery. Sober living homes are not considered to be a formal treatment program. These homes are not funded by the government and are non-reimbursable under health insurance plans, therefore they are not under the same supervision and do not require the same type of licensing that formal treatment facilities must abide by. Most sober living homes promote a 12-step based model of recovery. This means that residents are normally required to attend peer support meetings in addition to maintaining employment and following the house rules. Most sober living homes do not have a time constraint around how long individuals can reside in them, but it is recommended that residents should make a commitment of at least three to six months.

Sober living homes are designed to give individuals the structure and guidance that they continue to need as they build on their sobriety. These individuals no longer need as strong of a focus on care as they received in their addiction treatment program, but can still benefit from professional presence.

Why Should Someone Enter Into A Local Sober Living Home?

It is a common misconception that the transition from an alcohol and drug treatment program back into daily living will be relatively easy. Unfortunately, learning how to live a sober life comes with a multitude of challenges. While inpatient treatment prepares people as much as possible, it is still a difficult process to implement healthy new habits, lifestyle changes, and relationships. Sober living homes make that transition easier, and therefore greatly reduce the risk of relapse. Some of the beneficial reasons someone should enter into a sober living home include:

  • A drug and alcohol-free living environment
  • Accountability through house rules and drug testing
  • Case management services
  • Peer support 
  • Access to community support services
  • Structure 
  • Supervision 

It is important to understand that sober living homes exponentially benefit individuals who are early in their recovery journey, but it is also important to know that not every sober living home may be the right fit for you. Unfortunately, due to the lack of regulation of sober living residences, they are not all required to offer the level of support that is necessary for success in sobriety. Understanding what to look for in a local sober living home helps you avoid choosing a residence that may not offer the care and support either you or your loved one need.

What to Look For in Local Sober Living Homes

If you have completed addiction treatment programming, you may be looking at what your next steps will be. Depending on where you live, you may be able to choose from some local sober living homes in your area. Making choices like these can be extremely difficult, especially if you are unaware of what to be looking for. But, with the right information, you can begin to sort through local sober living homes and find one that meets your needs. 


There are sober living homes in all types of places. When you are making your decision on which local sober living homes you want to choose from, consider where they are located. It is always a benefit if you can find a sober living house that is not surrounded by noise and chaos, as peace and quiet is conducive to recovery. Also, you may want to attend one of the local sober living homes in your area so that you can continue to work, go to school, and/or see family. Conversely, you may want to find a sober living home that is out of town so that you can continue to work on developing your fresh, new start without distractions.


You are likely aware of what you may expect when looking at costs of local sober living homes if you have already participated in an addiction treatment program. Sober living homes cost money, but that does not mean that you have to break the bank to live in one. You may be able to obtain partial or full coverage from your insurance company depending on your plan. You may also be able to figure out funding through other methods outside your insurance. Either way, know that you do not need to pay an arm and a leg for good sober living care. 

Structure and Rules

All local sober living homes should have clear rules and structure in the home for all residents to follow. Rules should always include keeping the home free and clear of any and all mind-altering substances. There should be expectations, such as being back home by a certain time of night and upholding household responsibilities. Additionally, good local sober living homes tend to offer counseling sessions to help keep residents connected and focused on recovery. 

Every sober living home is unique in its own way but these are some of the key factors when considering what to look for in a local sober living home. If the sober living program offers the services listed before it is most likely a reputable and safe residence. Once you’ve found a sober living home that look like the right fit you can call them and learn more about their programs and schedule a tour. 

Ensuring You are Choosing the Best Local Sober Living Homes

While there are a plethora of exceptional local sober living homes, there are also some that do not fully abide by the expected standards. In order to avoid sober living homes like these, it is important to be careful of sober living homes who:

  • Tell you there is no cost for care or offer to pay you to live at their home
  • Does not have a clear set of rules for residents to follow
  • Show little to no interest in the upkeep of the home
  • Hires staff members who are not qualified
  • Does not prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol 

There are many options when it comes to local sober living homes, but you can weed out the ones that are not credible simply by asking questions and taking a look around for yourself. 

Sober Living in Georgia

The road to recovery is not always the easiest, but with the right supports put in place, you can solidify yourself in your sobriety. If you want to learn more about sober living homes, contact us right now by calling 470.391.4603 or visit our website to learn more. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your recovery goals so that you can start living a happier, healthier life free from the struggles of active addiction.

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