how much does sober living cost

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

Have you heard of sober living homes but don’t know much about them? One of the first questions people ask is “How much does sober living cost?” In many cases, it’s comparable to what a person would pay for a similar home or apartment in the same type of attractive neighborhood. Along with that, many quality sober living homes come with a host of amenities that allow people to get their needs met for entertainment, comfort, and safety. 

What Is Sober Living All About?

The term sober living is commonly known but what it constitutes can be confusing. Sober living homes are different from the initial treatment people receive for substance use disorders. Most people attend a detox program and then another program, such as residential or outpatient treatment. They have gained the initial knowledge and treatment needed to begin living without drugs or alcohol.

From there, many people transition to a sober living home. While living there, they usually continue to seek outpatient sources for treatment, including different types of therapy. For many, sober living provides them with a safe, substance-free environment they do not have in place yet for their own living situation. For others, it’s necessary to use sober living as a bridge between rehab and returning home in order to cement their ability to live in sobriety.

Most sober living homes have at least a few house rules the residents are expected to follow. This helps ensure everyone stays on the sober path in a comfortable environment. Some rules can include:

  • Attending outpatient treatment
  • Going to support groups, such as a 12-step type
  • Attending regular house meetings
  • Meeting with the house manager to monitor their progress
  • Submitting to drug or blood alcohol level testing
  • No possession of any type of addictive substances
  • Sharing household duties like basic cooking and cleaning

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

While some sober living homes come at no cost, those types typically fall under the heading of a halfway house that is not privately owned and operated. Sadly, many of these lack the real comforts of home or desirable amenities. They also fall subject to government budgets and often do not have house rules that keep residents safe.

How much does sober living cost? It depends on the program. In many cases, a person can expect to pay a similar amount to what they would pay for a house or apartment in the same area. Houses that are modern, architecturally pleasing, and in popular areas of town may have higher costs than others. Another factor is what amenities each sober living home provides. Some offer only the bare minimum, while others may include several amenities that attract those looking for luxury sober living opportunities. 

Insurance generally does not cover the cost of sober living homes. However, it usually covers several options for outpatient care that a person uses while staying in a sober living home. If an individual did not choose a sober living home, their budget would likely need to include other, non-treatment living options, making it cost-effective to go ahead and move into a sober living home. As well, time spent in sober living often means a person proves less likely to relapse and need to return to rehab.

What Is Included In the Cost of Sober Living?

What each sober living home includes as part of its package varies per program. Answering the question “How much does sober living cost?” often depends on the amenities offered by the home. Creekside Recovery Residences in Atlanta provides a private room for each of our residents, and some en suite bathrooms are also available. We also include smart televisions, internet, and reliable wi-fi access.  

Our homes are gender-specific, allowing men and women to live separately and enjoy the comfort and bonds that often develop when living like this. Our homes are professionally decorated, modern, and located in upscale neighborhoods in Atlanta. 

We strive to offer homes that feel like safe havens for our residents. We want them to feel cared for and pampered while they put in the challenging and rewarding work of learning to enjoy a sober life. For so many people who graduate from our program, the question isn’t how much does sober living cost but rather how much will it cost them if they do not seek out this valuable and life-saving treatment?

Goals You Can Accomplish With Sober Living

Life in a sober living home allows people to accomplish goals both inside and outside of the home. Living with like-minded peers all focused on sober life helps keep everyone motivated. It also provides everyone with resources they can turn to when they need advice or inspiration.

Outside of the home, residents can achieve goals related to attending outpatient treatment. Options like individual, group, and holistic therapy help people stay focused on learning how to navigate the world without needing drugs or alcohol. 

Because life as an addict is often chaotic, a sober living home offers the chance to establish a healthy routine again. This includes not only treatment sessions but also the art of self-care through things like exercise and eating healthy. Along with this, many residents have the opportunity to work part-time, attend school, or get involved in volunteer work. They also have time to participate in fun, sober social events.  

Find A Sober Living Home Today

Do you need a safe haven to move to while you work on your recovery from alcohol or drugs? Sometimes the place you reside in makes all the difference as you try to put a substance use disorder in your past. Creekside Recovery Residences provides modern, attractive homes that allow you the space to take advantage of outpatient care while being surrounded by your peers. Our trigger-free environments make it easier to stay sober and prepare yourself for returning home.

Visit our admissions page today and find out how easy it is to make tomorrow the first day of the rest of your healthy new life. We can answer “How much does sober living cost?” and any other questions you have.

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