Pet-Friendly Sober Living



Creekside Recovery Residences is proud to offer pet-friendly sober living opportunities at some of our locations. With an appreciation for the many beneficial effects that animals can provide, we understand how important it may be to keep your pet with you as you get sober.

Spending time with pets can have a positive impact on a person’s physical and mental health. For example, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has reported that interacting with animals can boost a person’s mood, lower blood pressure, and reduce feelings of loneliness. 

How Does a Pet-Friendly Sober Living Work?

A pet-friendly sober living home works just about the same as any other supportive residence does, with the exception that one of the people who lives in the home has an animal with them.

The individual with the pet will be fully responsible for their care. This includes ensuring that they have adequate food and exercise, that all their health needs are met, and that the pet is properly restrained at all times. The person who has the pet must also be able to meet all other expectations for living in the house. 

For other residents, the primary impact of residing in a pet-friendly sober living should be having the opportunity to enjoy the company of a dog, cat, or another animal from time to time.

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Benefits of Pet-Friendly Sober Living

Here are a few examples of the many potential benefits of a pet-friendly sober living:

Ideally, every resident will have positive experiences with both the animal and their owner. But if minor conflicts do occur, these can be ideal opportunities for all parties to practice effective communication and use their problem-solving skills to arrive at an acceptable resolution.

Having the ability to resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive manner can serve people well during their residence in a pet-friendly sober living home and throughout the entirety of their recovery experience.

Which Sober Living Locations Are Pet-Friendly

Pet Rules

Residents who wish to have a pet with them during their stay in one of our sober living residences must agree to follow several rules. We have established these rules to ensure that our residences remain safe and welcoming places for all clients, including those who do and do not have pets. We also want to make sure that all animals are treated humanely throughout their time at the house.

Before we approve an animal at one of our pet-friendly sober living homes, the resident must meet the following requirements:

Residents who wish to have a pet with them will usually need to be in a house where no animals are currently living. In most cases, we only permit one pet per house.

Once their pet has been approved to be in the house, the resident must adhere to rules such as the following:

Please note that this is not a full list of all policies and procedures that pet owners must agree to at our pet-friendly sober living houses. For a detailed list, please contact us directly.

Pet Allergies

At Creekside Recovery Residences, we understand that allergies can make it difficult for some people to share space with certain types of animals. We of course take allergies, other health concerns, and personal preferences into account when placing our residents. 

If one or more residents who are currently living in a house cannot tolerate the presence of an animal, we will not place a pet owner there. Similarly, if a new client has a pet allergy or cannot live with animals for another reason, we will be sure to place them in a pet-free home.

Are Certain Pets Disallowed?

Most residents who wish to bring a companion animal to one of our pet-friendly sober living residences have dogs or cats. Although these are the most common types of pets, they are not the only ones that may be allowed to reside in one of our homes.

We make all pet-related decisions on a case-by-case basis. For dogs and cats, this includes evaluating their temperament and ensuring that the resident is prepared to meet all their pet care obligations. For other animals, we will also consider factors such as their appropriateness for a residential environment and the likelihood that their presence will not have a negative impact on other residents or staff members.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about bringing a dog, cat, or another domesticated animal with you to one of our pet-friendly sober living residences. 

Find Pet-Friendly Sober Living Today

If you have been seeking a pet-friendly sober living environment in the Atlanta or Tampa area, Creekside Recovery Residences may be the perfect place for you and your faithful furry, feathered, or scaled companion. Our gender-specific sober living residences are safe places for adults who are working to establish a strong foothold in early recovery. Learn more about our admissions process today.